Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Lot of Work to Do

I have a lot going on. Between work, family, and taking care of the house, I tend to be pretty busy. I also like to sit on my butt and enjoy activities associated with that; mainly watching TV and reading. I also enjoy food. A lot. I’m not a foodie, which is to say I’m not always particular about the food I eat and I am by no means a food snob. If it tastes good to me I’ll eat it. You may be able to see where I’m going with this. Between my schedule, my laziness, and my appetite, I’ve got a lot of riding to do.

I had the day off on Monday and I thought I’d get the road bike out and do a quick run on the eight and a half mile loop from my house. The daughter had been invited to lunch by a very nice friend and her mother and I had a few hours to kill. The temperature was a balmy 38 degrees, and the wind was a little brisk. I have ridden that loop many times and I have to say that Monday was one of the more painful days on the loop. The area where I live isn’t exactly a great place to just get on a bike and spin. We have a terrain that could best be referred to as built in interval training. This is what the route looks like using the path profiler gadget (developed by on Google Maps:

Not very long climbs, but man, there sure are a lot of them.

I didn’t throw up, so I’m calling this one a success.

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