Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I firmly believe in a balanced universe. Balance is everything. For every evil act, there is a good deed. For every jerk in traffic, there is someone that will let you over when you change lanes. When something bad happens, something good happens, whether we see it or not.

I was thinking today about some of the professional decisions I’ve made and how they worked out. The funny thing is when I made a decision solely based on what my family needed, it has worked out well. I left a job where I was promised advancement because the 12 to 16 hours days kept me away from my wife and newly born daughter when they needed me the most. That decision put me in a position where I had more opportunities than before. A recent decision to make a move, because my commute was taking too much time, and another little one is on the way, put me in a job where I have a great supervisor and a level of freedom I’ve never experienced.

I think I’m ready to apply this to my exercise regimen. It’s time to just get on the trainer, ignore the boredom, and suck it up. For my family. I’m ready to look at riding as fending off the genetic curse of heart disease. It’s time for me to get up a half-hour early and just start doing something. I figure this gives my family more time with me around and I get to lose my gut. That’s a fair balance.

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