Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Looking for a DD Before Noon

I would have loved to have sat around this evening sipping a Guinness. Unfortunately, that’s not in the cards anymore. I have to say I sort of miss the days of my early twenties when I could hang out with my friends and drink all day. Yes, all day. There was a bar in Dayton, Ohio called McGuffy’s, pretty close to where I worked, that opened at 6:00 am on St. Patrick’s Day. I worked midnight shift, so after riding around on my bike all night, it worked out well.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a very nice day. Not sure how I can sneak a ride in, since the daughter has ice skating lessons. Certainly want to go, though.

I’m waiting for the trails to dry out. My regular ride is Little Bennet Park in Montgomery County, which happens to be a regular equestrian destination, and the trails don’t hold up well when they’re wet. Good riding though. Not much longer…

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